Next generation targeted protein therapeutics



About CmAbs

Our Competitive Edge


Competitive Advantage: Many important anti-tumor properties built in one molecule

CmAb is a genetically engineered molecule which has a tumor targeting moiety fused with immune effector molecule and recombinantly produced by CHO cells.

Our molecules offer two approaches for killing tumor cells by:
    (i) ADCC-independent apoptosis and
    (ii) recruitment of effector cells to kill tumor targets

Our advance product candidates are a highly potent class of antibody-fusion proteins that use IFN as an immune effector molecule, which are 100 to 1000 fold more potent than native antibody or soluble IFN. Importantly, since fusion proteins can be produced recombinantly, our technology is readily scalable, representing an improvement over other antibody empowering technologies such as antibody-drug conjugate systems that are typically more challenging and expensive to produce.
♦   Potent tissue specific cytotoxicity by ADCC-independent pathway
     - potential to be efficacious in patients with defective ADCC mechanisms

♦   Tissue specific anti-proliferative and potentially anti-angiogenic activity
♦   Potential to be cytotoxic to cells/tumors with low density of surface antigens
♦   Intact ADCC and CDC functions
♦   Single step manufacturing
    - recombinantly produced in commercial cell lines
♦   Lower dose may be required for efficacy