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About CmAbs

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Next generation of antibody-based therapeutics (CmAbs)

ImmunGene's technology empowers monoclonal antibodies targeted to tumor cells by fusing them to immune effector molecule(s) e.g. cytokine, chemokine and co-stimulatory molecule(s), thereby combining the specificity of antibodies with the potent anti-tumor effects of immune effector molecule. Our antibody-fusion proteins are designed to be stable in the bloodstream and efficiently target cancer cells. This approach allows sparing non-targeted cells and thus reducing many of the toxic effects of traditional immune effector molecules while enhancing the antitumor activity of the antibody. Our lead antibody-fusion molecule uses IFNa effector cytokine.


Quick fact about CmAbs

♦  CmAb - Antibody fused with immune effector molecule  
♦ CmAb MW ranges 160-180 kDa compared to ~150 kDa of mAb  
♦ CmAb is genetically engineered molecule
    - no chemical conjugation
    - homogenous single step production  
♦ Cytokine/chemokine fusion does NOT create steric hindrance with Fc and antigen binding
    - intact ADCC and CDC functions  
♦ CmAb can be manufactured in mAb producing commercial cell lines  
♦ CmAb platform offers a unique competitive advantage against unconjugated and conjugated antibodies in a highly competitive market